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I Am Search Dating Who sang rikki dont lose that number

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Who sang rikki dont lose that number

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The line about playing games sounds to me as if he is trying to make it all sound innocuous, like "hey we could just play Scrabble, you know I'm talking out of my riki I think that the interview was in Musician; Listener and Player mag. The Female officer on Bellevue Washington dynamic being: A-symmetrical relationships with sexual undertones.

I believe he spelled 'Rikki' that way. I don't actually care too much what it's specifically about. We hear you're leaving, that's okay I thought our little wild time had just begun I guess you kind of scared yourself, you Lets meet for Bulgaria sometime and run But if you have a change of heart Rikki don't lose that You don't want to call nobody else You can watch a tribute video and then Baxter's speech about music and weapons systems starting around on the video below.

I always thought it was a rather erotic, decadent sort of thing.

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Maybe the song was about some varmint. Maybe just because I knew a girl named Rikki in high school, and I didn't have cable as a kid, so I wasn't really aware of "Headbanger's Ball.

Starting in the s, Skunk embarked on a parallel career. In any case, I absolutely love the song. I may like those lines a lot, and they may have meaning to me. Not dho he did in this case, but seems like he would get great pleasure out of seeing it in print.

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After overcoming unmber incredulity of defense contractors and government officials, he began consulting for Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, the Department of Defense, U. I was going to say as much, too, Dan, but then I remember Mr. Kipp is the youngest of eleven children; four of his older sisters comprised the Lennon Sisters whom anyone who ever saw The Lawrence Welk Show will remember.

Posted by. He still is, as far as I know, I just don't buy any more.

Message Bookmarked Bookmark Removed I remember hearing something about it being on sole ol' gay shit, but I'm not picking up on dho. He is in a dominate position and can easily manipulate her. Fagan seems like the type of guy who would totally bullshit an interviewer. I saw it as a simple song from a man to a woman, too.

If you'd like to hear more on Skunk's thoughts on unconventional warfare and unconventional thinking watch this. It says something about Steely Dan's reputation as obscurantists that even a straightforward lost-love song like "Rikki Don't Lose That " could be so widely over-interpreted. You mean Time Out of Mind?

Though the gay interpretation is very intriguing. Deployment fuck buddy also talked about Chase the Rikkk being a smack song. In turn, that prompted him to make some unsolicited proposals for improvements, particularly in the field of missile defense.

Here you find a guy, a rather rich gentleman living in nunber resort, and he somehow manages to capture this young lady. However, she has the thing he most wants, her sex. However, I generally don't really know 'what a song is about.

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Appraisal[ edit ] Reviewing the single for AllMusicStewart Mason said: Just to clear up a generation's worth of rumors about the lyrics of "Rikki Don't Lose That ," Walter Becker stated for the record in a interview in the s of Musician that the "" in question was not slang for a marijuana cigarette "send it off in a letter to yourself," supposedly a way to safely transport one's dope back before the post office abolished general delivery mail, was held up as the key lineand an uncharacteristically forthcoming Donald Fagen has similarly revealed that the "Rikki" in question was simply a woman he'd had a crush on in college.

Best known as lead guitarist for Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, the breadth and extent Random sex chat de Trenton New Jersey bowling Baxter's musical career is impressive. I really don't care very much about lyrics. Most of them DO!

Always looking for new technical advances in the audio and recording fields he began reading related material on electronics in the defense industry. I often hear a line or two in a song and form an impression of the general subject matter. None of it's exactly fluffy.

The 'official' explanation is similar to my impression of rikkl subject matter. I guess this is another way of saying lyrics can sometimes be irrelevant to my listening enjoyment. Especially the intro and the delivery of the "stay inside and play games" line. And do you mean that's not a smack song?