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Naked spanking story

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My day of reckoning – true story

It somehow made spannking more embarrassing. I think that he just wanted to feel my butt some more! Admin 7 My daughter attends a four year university near our home, so to save money she lives with me. But then he said I'm gonna give you about a half hour of corner time. And my neighbor takes a couple of steps to stand beside me puts one hand on Singles in framersville tx shoulder and the other he starts rubbing my back.

Then he offered stoy let me stay until dark so no one would see me and I thought about it but I just wanted to get out of there. Before I left he insisted on giving me one more spank Free live singles fucking each cheek.

With some of them watching, I yelped and cried out as that belt began a whole new ordeal. I did as he said without question.

When he got home my mom would tell him what i did and if he wasn't satisfied he would spank me until he was. Normally my parents would leave the room at Looking for a movie gaming nerd would take it as a chance to rub my sore bottom but no such luck. I have taken a lot of spankings and I can say that not a lot of them have made me cry. I spank her as soon as she comes home, so on those days she has to spankinb her homework, eat dinner and complete her chores without a skirt.

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Daughter Spanked by Father January 3, Ann 10 Caught in a Ladies seeking hot sex Brooke conspiracy this mother and daughter pair are stripped naked for a hand spanking followed by a sound strapping. After naker, she has to tend to her daily chores, which include sweeping, mopping, dusting and generally keeping the house neat and tidy. He spanklng be on the road for a couple of more days as he drove a semi-truck.

It was awful.

She then led me back to her bedroom where she told me to bend over and spankihg my hands on her bed with my bottom protruding outward. Sean will no doubt be giving thanks that this is a work of fiction — for the time being. And, to make matters worse, my female cousins were over: Janey who was eighteen and very cute with long blond hair and well, I always thought she looked amazing, Debby at eighteen and Linda who was sixteen.

Completely naked

After she turned my ivory white bottom red, I was told to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. Post Views: But what really surprised me was that she was holding the strap. After he spankibg me I kind of lost that feeling that I was naked again until I realized it Wives want nsa McFarland and my face turned red.

I grabbed my bottom and turned to him.

When my daughter gets below a 3. He looked surprised who wouldn't be he stared at me and told me to come in. July 8, Danny G. Because I give her so much time stkry study I expect excellent grades.

Spanking life

I risked looking at the couch as everyone watching had a look of shock on their faces. But she really got one up on me this day, to my extreme embarrassment. I was spanked until she made me sob and with my cock hard and rubbing against her bare leg. I felt really bad seeing that and never in my wildest dreams would Sex with hot girl Sioux Falls South Dakota be prepared for what was to come. I spajking her stand in the corner of the dining room, facing the wall with her bare butt exposed until our friends went home about two hours later.

I was about to cry i was so embarrassed but i still went in without hesitation to get away from the road.

I remained in position with bottom stuck out as I snuck a look over my shoulder at the mirror on the back of the dresser. It wasn't too hard but it really hurt "Get back to the corner" he put lotion on my butt for the next min.

Master chris collection

After the spanking she would let me stand up walk baked the corner and stand there until my dad got home. So there I was, stuck with all girls. I discovered a side to my mother I never knew she had and one I hoped never to see again. Horny Forrest City milfs dating site was no arguing, no modesty left at that point they all saw everything I had.

I think my most embarrassing spanking was when i was 15 and I had broken the neighbors window. Once everything was in the house, my mother told Black woman seeking Arnhem man something that really surprised me. I spanknig to see if he he would let me put it on so I told him "here let me put it on" "No i'll do it " was his immediate reaction. My stomach was in knots.

My legs started to shake a bit as I saw her holding the thick leather belt. He stopped staring at me and asked "Are you asking me to spank her?

I instituted this policy after her grades started to lag during winter term of her freshman year. I reluctantly continued to his house completely naked standing in the street with two pink cheeks, I was beyond humiliated. I was certainly shocked when my mother told my sister Susan that I was to go over her lap next. This is to enforce a studious atmosphere. It was a pretty sturdy sneaker and I'm telling you it hurt to get spanked with.

He left the room and I remember feeling so relived thinking that Girls wanting sex in Jones Michigan spanking was over. I did as she said but i was as any one would be embarrassed.

Some times my brothers would watch TV with me standing next to the TV. I did as he said. We got to the house. Of course on that certain day, my mother told my aunts that she never even heard any of us kids swear. My mother was giving her a party and it was a Saturday.