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Bigfoot in payson canyon

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It's taking small careful steps as if he's unsure of his footing. If you actually believe this you are seriously stupid. Darcy Stoffrege, of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, told the Daily Mail the figure appears to be a man in a suit with baggy pantlegs.

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I know I would be. The video was captured in but was only recently shared online as the filmmaker feared being called crazy Since appearing online some believers have suggested the footage may indeed by genuine.

Adding: 'The cameraman would have been positioned so he wouldn't be so curiously stumbling around so much to get a better view as if to be sure of what he is seeing. Satellite beach FL adult personals question may continue to remain one of the great mysteries of our time, with many believing Bigfoot is just a legend or a hoax, while others hold the belief that the massive, hairy, humanoid creature is real.

The photographer tracks it through the trees but momentarily loses sight of it before taking a step forward and locating it once more. He was swinging his arms like a human and he kept glancing back to see how fast we were approaching.

Share this article Share It stands up on two legs like a human but also appears to be hairy and ape-like. A telling feature, Stoffrege said, is the creature's halting paysoon, indicating unsure footing. Published Feb.

He later found The Paranormal Review channel and decided to submit the footage. The concern was apparently warranted because most online comments have bluntly made fun of the video.

The dark figure stands up on two legs like a human but also appears to be hairy and ape-like And a third, who picked up on the look of the creature's fur, bkgfoot 'Bigfoot must be exfoliating, he has the shiniest skin. One wrote: 'The guy would be flipping out if this was real.

Bigfoot or prankster in a gorilla suit?

Sincethere have been at Seeking for San Manuel 69 documented Bigfoot sightings reported in Utah. We see this in a baggy pair of pants or overalls, or in this case a fur suit. One YouTube user wrote: 'If this was a planned hoax there would have been better glimpses.

The Bigfoot video released by the group Bigfopt provides a full breakdown of the Bigfoot sighting. This times its legs are more visible as it shuffles slowly through the woodland before disappearing from view entirely.

According to the group, a man was filming a river in Payson Canyon when he heard noises in trees above the area that caught his attention. Comments 9 1of9A YouTube video published Feb. First, when the video is slowed down and enlarged we can see pretty clearly the legs as it walks through the forest.

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Giving some benefit of the paywon to the video maker, the Daily Mail quoted a comment that said, "'If this was a planned hoax there would have been better glimpses. He turned his camera as he looked up, and that is when he purportedly caught the elusive creature on camera. Lurking closer to home On Feb. I just love how he's nonchalantly filming this thing like it's an everyday thing.