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7 Wedding Photography Trends

Whether you are tying the knot by the sea or dancing as newlyweds under the stars, your wedding is one beautiful photo op after the next. Grand Lens Photography shares a few trends that will ensure you have every moment of your magical day on film.

1) Photographing the proposal

People do not ordinarily know when a proposal is on its way. When it is, it is a whirlwind of excitement, surprise, and head-over-heels joy. It is a major moment and it is one that diverse women want to be remembered. Women want to relive it over and over again, just as much as we would with their actual wedding day. Some savvy grooms are hiring photographers to document their surprise proposal so that wonderful-but-fleeting moment can be relived later by the couple and shared with friends and family. Photographers say this trend is growing quickly and photographers enjoy being included in it.

2) Using Instagram

Creating a wedding hashtag for guests to use when they upload photos to Instagram and Twitter can help you experience your wedding through their eyes. Apps, such as Artifact Uprising, are also allowing smartphone users to then upload those photos from Instagram and create printed hardcover books (not to mention calendars and postcards) of their instant artworks. For brides and grooms, social media plays a prominent role in the lead-up to the wedding day. Shopping for waistcoats, rehearsal dinners, guests visiting from out of town – the lead up to the wedding day is all recorded online. More often than not, couples are creating their own hashtags, encouraging all who attend to tag photos on Facebook and Instagram. Some of the cleverest, sweetest, and interesting events of the day end up being captured by guests, and a hashtag allows you to assemble them all into one digital place. Ensure to choose a hashtag that has never been used before, otherwise, you will lose your special moments in a sea of other users' posts.

3) Father-daughter first looks

From the walk down the aisle to the father-daughter dance, the wedding day is filled with enchanting moments with dad. And now, brides are opting for a "first look" with dad. The "first look" photo has been popular for a while now and is still running strong. However, some brides request their wedding photographer capture their dad's first glimpse of them in their wedding gown as well. Wedding days can be so busy and we love that some brides choose to take a few minutes to spend a moment with their dads. A relationship between a father and a daughter is so incredibly special and to set up a moment where you can capture it clearly on film is unquestionably priceless.

4) Photo booth with social media integration

In addition to fun props, photo booths are becoming high-tech with touch screens and Wi-Fi, allowing wedding guests to instantly upload their photos to their personal social media accounts or email the photos to their email address. Why wait until tomorrow to upload photo booth snapshots when it can be done instantly? Additionally, digital photo strips can also be customized according to the bride and groom's wedding theme.

5) A memory table

On occasion, couples prefer to include all of those who are could not be with them on their wedding day. There is not a more charming way to honor those who are no longer with us than with a wedding memorial table display, with a group of charming photos. A petite side table is regularly set in the cocktail area for framed photos of the couple's passed loved ones. Choose photos of joyful moments shared together or photos that demonstrate something special to you and place them on a table in picture frames. Sometimes a tiny lighted candle, flowers, and a loving memory quote are placed next to the photos. Wedding memorial tables can be dedicated to a single person or to several people.


6) Casual family photos

Family portraits tend to be some of the more posed photos in a wedding album. Casual family photos are an amazing new trend because they bring out natural emotions, which can ease any tension during family portraits. These portraits usually take place during emotionally charged times, either right before or right after a wedding ceremony, so anything that keeps the stress level down will result in better photos. Your wedding photographer should try unique locations or catch people hugging and chatting. A more formal shot that is still relaxed would be to have everyone join arms in a casual group hug.

7) Unplugged ceremonies

Advise your guests to put their phones, cameras, and tablets away to be present during your wedding ceremony. You love them enough to invite them to your special moment and you paid for a professional photographer to capture the event. They can watch the ceremony in glorious real-life-definition and your photographer or videographer gets better photos of you without the hundred glowing screens obstructing their view. Everyone wins.

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