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7 Creative Groomsmen Wedding Portraits

The art of posing is developed through trial and error, repetition, and dedicated study. Photographers are all handed a similar tool and asked to create their own unique representation of how they see the world. What characterizes a photographer’s work and what sets it apart is their imagination and accomplishments, creating an inspired idea from an expansive library of knowledge, and years of diligent practice. Grand Lens Photography provides some insight in this article when it comes to obtaining compelling, hilarious, and editorial poses from the groom & groomsmen. Here are seven of our favorite creative and laugh-out-loud ideas for masculine group photographs.


1) Carrying the groom

The classic ‘lifting up the groom’ shot surrounds the smiles it produces rather than the action itself. Posing in ways similar to this may appear trite, however, it is a manageable move, the guys have fun with it, and they enjoy the moment of doing the action. Take a look at all those cheeky grins!

2) The wedding ring

Guys have always had a habit of teasing girls from the age of adolescence. In the group photo above, the groomsmen pretend to react in a way a woman would when the bride shows off her engagement ring to all of her female friends. Even this idea gives the ladies a good laugh.

3) A group selfie

Selfies In today's world, plenty of people enjoy capturing "selfies" with their smartphones. For the tech-savvy group of men, have each of them take a silly photo of their face using their phones. Put the phones containing the pictures together for a group photo as a fun twist on conventional groomsmen portraits.

4) Bromance

One concept that comes close to romance on a wedding day is "Bromance". Enfold true friendship with the guys and show the world this love simply by doing things that real bros do. Present this love to each other by using your hands instead of your hearts with a simple touch to the backside or the biggest group hug you could ever give.

5) The whole gang

Occasionally, it takes a little persuasion for grooms to step outside of their comfort zone. Channel your inner gangster, superhero, GQ model, or anything else that inspires you to get camera ready. For a stylish and masculine portrait, casually walk towards the photographer just as the actors did in the movie "Reservoir Dogs" minus all the blood, of course.

6) Strike a pose

A neat idea for a variety of group shots of the groomsmen is when the photographer yells "Click!" a few times and the groomsmen adjust their pose each time. The photographer should inform them that they should never pose the same as the person next to them, and the more ridiculous looking, the greater the photographs will be. Usually, the poses are rather tame at first, but then they become crazier over time.

7) Smoking hot

Numerous of our real-life grooms choose to have a celebratory cigar at the end of the evening.  The photograph above captures that moment flawlessly. The guys enjoying their time together with cigars and their favorite drinks.  The angle in this photo is perfect - right in the centre of all the action.

Just because you plan on wearing a suit or tuxedo does not mean you can not have a good time. That is what weddings are all about anyway, correct? This article is photographic proof that it is reasonable for the groom and his buddies to let loose on his wedding day, especially when it involves group portraits. In fact, goofing off ordinarily results in moderately priceless moments.

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