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5 Tips For Wedding Photos

When planning a wedding, so much time and careful consideration are put into the decorations and other details.   However, only the wedding photos will be around forever.   It is up to you to ensure that your magical day is captured perfectly. In this article, Grand Lens Photography shares not only how to find your photographer, but also how to work with them.

1) Do your research

The hunt for vendors should start a year before the wedding date.  Browse the internet for local photographers and ask newlyweds you know for recommendations.   Look at a few highlighted wedding galleries from each photographer to understand their photographic style and quality.  Keep in mind that these specific photos are the best clips from various weddings, so once you decide on a wedding photographer, request to see a full gallery from one or two weddings.

2) Think critically

While you review a photographer's creative art, consider key moments you want to capture during your wedding day.  Try to look past the special fixtures applied to the photos and keep an eye on thoughtful compositions and that the people in the pictures are in focus.  The people should also appear relaxed and not surprised by the camera.


3) Packages and contracts

Find out what the photographer's packages include and ask about additional fees (i.e. cancellation fee, travel fees, hotel fees, etc.).  Photographers may have a full day package, typically 8-10 hours, that cover everything from getting ready to the end of the reception.  Considering overtime is normally a higher rate, it is better to pay for more coverage if there is a chance your wedding will run over.  Once you have chosen your photographer, sign the contract containing all the important details that were discussed with the photographer or photography company.   The contract should include the wedding date, the amount of hours of post-production, how and when the final product will be delivered to you.

4) Create a (sensible) shot list

Wedding photographers already have an idea of which family members to photograph, so do not waste time jotting down every last combination of grandparents, siblings, and cousins.   Stick with a few important shots and have your maid of honor help orchestrate them on the day of.  Mention to the photographer of any significant decorative details such as the napkin holders with a monogram or the DIY table centerpieces.  Also, send a few photo samples to the photographer that you feel you will look fantastic in so that he or she will have an understanding of what you desire for your photographs.

5) Generate a realistic schedule

Mishaps will happen during your wedding day and everything will take longer than expected. Set a strict day of schedule that leaves extra time to deal with them without cutting into your photography session. Also, if you do not want to miss one second of cocktail hour, schedule the portrait session before the ceremony. This way, you will be less nervous to walk down the aisle and your hair and makeup will be fresh for photos.

Remember to enjoy the day and not to worry about minor inconveniences, such as relocating your portrait session due to unexpected rain or the ring bearer throwing a temper tantrum during the family photos.  Your photographer will frame the shots and pose everyone nicely; they can identify what looks best.  If you are consistently searching for the camera, it will not be able to capture you quietly chatting withy your new spouse or laughing with your guests.  Allow your photographer to focus on capturing those moments.  After all, it is the reason you hired them.

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