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5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

Viewing your wedding photos for the first time may feel quite overwhelming. There are so many photographs to view.  How do newlyweds decide which ones to include in their wedding photo album?  Wedding photographers typically deliver hundreds, if not thousands of photos to their clients.  In our experience, 40-60 photographs deliver a very comprehensive album.  It is fantastic to see the big day again from beginning to end, but there are too many to choose from!  Grand Lens Photography is here to assist you with 5 tips for choosing photos for the perfect wedding album.

1) Select your absolute favorite photos

Imagine of your photo album as an emotional record, not a technical one.  In other words, choose the photos you cannot live without.  We believe think the best albums are collections of your favorite pictures.  Not necessarily the pictures that are "supposed to" go in.  Sometimes it just happens to be the veil blowing in the wind or an expression on someone's face as the bride walks down the aisle.  Begin with a photo that would make a great opening image.  The first photo could be on the first page inside the album or could fill in as the wedding album cover.

father daughter dance at Colony House Wedding Reception

2) Consider the photos in chronological order

In general, ceremony photos should go before reception shots, but there can be exceptions.  There is nothing that says you can not start with an amazing image from later in the day (i.e. an amazing group photo with your wedding party or immediate family).  Additionally, ensure to include photos that show both action and reaction.  This is also our philosophy when taking photographs for any event.  The story is best told by documenting the central moments that occur, along with people’s reactions to those moments.  It is worth the cost of extra album photos to tell the complete story.  For example, instead of showing only the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance, include a photo of the bride’s mother crying as she watches. Her tears reveal plenty about the closeness of their family.

3) Photos that represent significant ceremony moments

Pivotal moments like the bride or groom walking back down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the kiss, and the overall theme of the ceremony are “must-have" shots.  It is important to capture images from this critical part of the day, so if you overlook those items in your initial batch of favorites, go back and search for others to include.  With that said, the more photos you try to cram in, the smaller they will need to be, and the design will appear cluttered.  Professional companies like Photo Productions use ‘lay-flat’ pages, which allow your photos to be displayed right across the spread, so the fewer photos you have, the bigger they can be, and the more impact they will make when the album is opened.

4) Do not forget the details

Include several photos of the wedding details.  Detail photos reveal a lot of information about the theme, mood, and appearance of your wedding day.  Ensure to select related sets of detail pictures, so they can be grouped together in the book.  If you choose one picture of a bouquet or centerpiece, and no other details, you will have a difficult time finding a place to put those pictures inside of the album.

5) Last but not least

To choose a photo for the last page, imagine how you would prefer to end the story of your wedding.  Be sure to include a photo for that purpose.  You have the option of a relaxed, candid or portrait of you and your new spouse at the end of the evening is a great choice.  Your rings can act as a beautiful closing image or sunset over your venue is a clear way to show the ending of the day.

Your album is an art piece so select photos that you find fascinating.  Leaving your album out on a coffee table is acceptable considering people understand there is a “certain sacredness" to wedding albums so it will not be treated as a coaster.  The only warning - keep it away from the little ones with dirty fingers and make sure it is not sitting in direct sunlight! So that is how you determine the best photos for your wedding album.  Putting time in now can reap tremendous rewards, and you will end up with a fantastic album full of memories that you will treasure forever.  Ultimately, keep in mind your wedding album is a family heirloom. Select photos that will be important to you and your family many years from now.

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