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5 Tips Your Wedding Photographer Left Out

There are some matters your wedding photographer will not share with you.  They do not intend to keep secrets from you and it is not that they work unprofessionally, but they are typically preoccupied with other important details or do not have the opportunity to tell you on your wedding day.  This article shares Grand Lens Photography's 5 tips you should be aware of before your wedding day.

1) Expect hair and makeup time to run over

Bridal hair and makeup are time-consuming enough on its own.  However, little interruptions add up and extend the time of the entire process.  Between your maid of honor, asking four times, which pair of shoes you prefer, your mother checking on how you like your bouquet, and then having to tell the makeup artist to go easy on the eye shadow; these little inconveniences can add up to being almost an hour behind schedule.  Plan ahead and add buffer time into your wedding day schedule so the only worst thing that happens is you finish early and have a bit of quiet time with your bridesmaids.

2) Family portraits are not always fun

Arranging a large group of people for a photo can be difficult and the timing is not great either.  Naturally, you are going to want to capture your photographs as soon as possible so you can begin the ceremony and if you do it during cocktail hour, you are going to wish you were at cocktail hour. The point is these photos matter.  Although you hired your photographer for their creative skill, your parents and grandparents will probably only frame a few from the wedding and it probably will not be one of the artsy one of you walking through sunset.  It is perfectly acceptable to be a little upset during family photos, but keep in mind that it will be over shortly and they will be worth the time in the end.

3) Your photographer does not know who your relatives are

Almost all photographers will attempt to get to know your family during the wedding, however, unless someone is present for family photos or made a toast, the photographer will not know the name of your great aunt who helped raise you from birth.   So, if it is imperative that someone you love makes it in the final photo edits, notify your photographer.  Perhaps include the person in a "photo shot list" and have your maid of honor point out the VIPs to the photographer on the day.

4) Backdrops > details

Backdrops are a nice addition to photos if photography is a priority for your special day; they give you more bang for your buck than the details when it is regarding wedding photos.  While details provide an overall feel of an event, big-ticket items receive further attention in the photos.   For example, if you must decide between unique napkin rings or programs and a stylish ceremony scenery, the backdrop will certainly give further notice in your wedding photos.  Depending on the space, there are few places the photographer is allowed to stand in during the ceremony, so the beautiful background does the majority of the work of making your pictures appear fabulous.

5) Globe lights are like magic

Globe lights, also known as cafe lights or market lights, are a great investment for couples who are marrying in a simple space or have an outdoor nighttime reception.  They can also be used for family gatherings long after the wedding.  Globe lights are quite inexpensive (approximately $18 per set of 25).   These lights add visual interest to your wedding photos and with enough sets, you can create just enough of a warm glimmer for the photographer to not use their bright flash, which sometimes tends to overexpose the scene.  

Now that you are informed, keep in mind that planning a wedding is supposed to be exciting, not stressful.  It is perfectly alright that your photographer has not discussed these details with you, that is what we are here for.

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