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5 Reasons To "Trash The Wedding Dress" 

"Trashing the dress" has grown into a favorite photo trend for newlywed couples for an after the wedding day session.   In most cases, brides do not wish to keep their wedding gown in storage or buried in the back of a closet, thus, deciding to schedule a non-traditional photo session.  It is a photography trend that has increasingly become popular to the point where women trash the dress after a divorce for the purpose of implying a fresh new start.  There happen to be numerous creative ways to trash the dress, but this article shares Grand Lens Photography's top five reasons why it is an excellent idea to have a "trash the dress" photo session.

1) Feels Liberating

A newly married couple can take creative pictures without being overly concerned with getting the dress dirty.  The wonderful thing about this style of photography is, the session is relaxed and stress-free for the couple.  There is no chapel to rush to and no waiting wedding guests sitting in the reception hall.  The session involves just the bride, the groom, and a photographer.  A bride spends hours in search for the "perfect" dress which gives this photo idea a valid excuse to wear the dress a second time and receive exceptional photos.  Also, some brides recognize this as a new trend of committing to their husband, meaning if there is no dress, there is not a possibility of another wedding.

2) Anytime, Anyplace

This type of photo shoot usually takes place after the wedding day or even for the couple's one-year anniversary.  This session permits the bride to have a variety of pictures posed in her wedding dress in the utmost unusual places (e.g. - underwater, a forest, car garage, etc.).   "Trash the dress" photo sessions can be as mild as walking through mud or as extreme as setting the dress on fire or tearing it apart with a knife.  The extremity of ruining the gown depends on the bride's comfort level and whether or not she is prepared to risk damage to the dress.  Depending on the fabric of the gown, a professional cleaning could further recover the dress to its original condition.

3) More Photographs

This photo session is a way of having additional wedding photos combined to your wedding gallery.  A married couple gets to gaze at the photos ten or twenty years down the road and the bride can thank herself for putting the dress to good use rather than letting it sit in a dark room while it collects dust.  All couples search for variation in their wedding photos and hiring a professional is the best way to go about it.  Not only will the bride and groom appreciate the results of their photos, but so will their family and friends.

4) Don't Need To Trash The Actual Dress

Although some brides may wear their original wedding gown for their photo session, other brides may prefer to trash a different wedding dress they may have received from a great grandmother.  The bride always has the option to purchase a discounted dress from a thrift store specifically for this occasion, so that she may preserve her actual wedding gown as a memento for prospective generations.

5) Romantic Fun

Trashing the dress is sheer entertainment for the bride and groom. The couple may discover creative ways to have unique photographs, whether they walk on the beach, running through the mud, or having a paint balloon fight. The photo session gives the bride an opportunity to let go of all of her wedding anxiety and just have an enjoyable moment with her new, long-time love. Photographs of a couple having fun together unquestionably make a magnificent wedding photo album.

One reason this type of photography is surprisingly provocative to people is that it is an absolute reversal of the traditional concept of what wedding gowns represent. Traditionally, wedding gowns represent purity, innocence, wealth and status. In a contemporary society, they have become symbols of celebration and new beginnings. These photo sessions undermine the traditional assumptions of how a wedding gown should be worn, and how a woman wearing the dress should behave. If tradition is not a requirement for the bride and groom, add some fun with a "trash the dress" photo session.

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