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5 Reasons To Have A "First Look"

A wedding reveal, also known as the "first look" is a fascinating element of the wedding day. Grand Lens Photography will assist you with this article explaining why a first look is a romantic addition to your wedding day celebration that not only adds to the wonderful wedding experience but also reduces stress. People consider a bride and groom's first look untraditional since they chose to see each other before the wedding ceremony. However, we fully believe that the reveal is a new tradition and will soon become common in weddings. The way the original “tradition” began is far from romantic! Several of our clients choose to have one. However, some couples, especially grooms, need a little more convincing. Here are our top 5 reasons to have a first look.

1) It is easier on the timeline

Numerous brides and grooms wish to begin the celebration part of the day as soon as possible. The first look allows this to happen when we can capture all of the photos that the day requires ahead of time, considering you and your groom see each other before the ceremony. In turn, you continue to your reception immediately after the ceremony! You do not need to miss your cocktail hour and guests are not waiting around for an hour to congratulate you. You can socialize with your guests and enjoy being married to your new spouse. We understand that the last thing a newly married couple wants to do is pose for photos for over an hour. You want to celebrate and with a first look, you are able to. Your beautiful wedding portraits are complete, so you can join your loved ones and enjoy the day. A first look also allows us time to shoot your reception details you have spent months and hundreds of dollars planning your wedding. We want to ensure you will have beautiful photos of all your solid work. Since all the portrait photos are finished, we have time to get these photos during the cocktail hour before guests enter the reception area. Conversely, if you choose not to have a first look, it is not only required to photograph all of the formal family photos but photos of the bridal party all together as well as all your portrait photos. At this point, our main concern is getting you to your reception, so we do not have all the time necessary for plenty of creative photos. We are fortunate to receive at least 10 minutes with the bride and groom alone after the ceremony.

2) It calms both the groom and the bride

The groom is well aware that all the wedding guests' eyes will be on him while his bride walks down the isle. Weddings are nerve-racking enough without all the pressure. However, with a first look, the groom has already seen his bride, without the hundred pairs of eyes on him. The bride has already had time to hold her groom's hand, kiss him, and calm his nerves. We have heard from numerous grooms regarding how ecstatic they were that they did the first look with their bride. Without it, they would have remained nervous. On occasion, the first look does the same favor for the bride. A first look is a terrific option if you are the type of person that grows nervous around crowds, does not like to be the center of attention or gets anxious rather easily. We have found that a variety of clients are quite nervous just before the ceremony, and those that thought they would not be, suddenly become jittery. Honestly, your wedding is probably one of the biggest days of your life. Depending on your involvement in the planning process and your personality type, there can be a lot of stress built up to that moment of viewing each other for the first time. Nevertheless, you can unquestionably outlast it. Doing a first look will give you peace of mind knowing that your significant other will be there for you to help calm those nerves. Time and time again we feel the stress fly away just after the bride sees the groom for the first time. It is almost like a weight is lifted off their shoulders and the rest of the wedding day activities are a breeze.

3) It is the only way the bride and groom can spend time alone

A first look is considerably disregarded. It is something that no one honestly thinks about. An ironic thought about a wedding day is unless you choose to do the first look, the bride and groom will have no time alone together! On a day that is all about the two of you, you do not get to enjoy any of it alone together. The first look allows you to have a private, intimate moment together. Unlike standing at the altar, your groom can share with you how beautiful he thinks you look, hug you, whisper in your ear, and tell you how much he loves you. Afterward, we continue straight into portraits and you will have a minimum of 30-60 minutes alone with each other to just enjoy your wedding day and capture a few beautiful, romantic portraits.

4) Your wedding day will go by fast

This is not an overstatement. There is so much activity and tasks to accomplish on your wedding day that occasionally taking a moment to appreciate it all is not possible, which makes the first look a wise reason to have a photographer capture those unseen moments right before you. Keep in mind for every tradition, location or moment during the wedding day, something extra is required from either you or your day. So if the tradition of seeing your spouse-to-be at the ceremony is especially valuable to you, appropriately alter other plans to accommodate for both. There are only so many hours in one day unless you have all the money in the world, let us be realistic about your wedding and strategically plan day so that you can have a perfect wedding.

5) An opportunity for extra photos

You could certainly plan for an earlier ceremony time, do your bridal party portraits separately (i.e. bridesmaids with the bride & the groomsmen with the groom) before the ceremony, and provide yourself a time cushion for after the ceremony to focus on family portraits and bride/groom portraits. Additionally, you need to accept possibly missing your own cocktail hour and having only one opportunity for bride & groom photographs. Also, you have to hope that lighting and weather during that golden hour will be gracious to you. For several couples, this approach works out perfectly fine. However, you should save yourself a headache and plan the first look if you are not the type to risk anything for last minute changes. A first look provides all the time we need for creative portraits. If having beautiful, artful photos are important to you, the first look is a tremendous idea. Since none of your guests will be waiting for you after the ceremony anyway, you can schedule all the photos beforehand and take as much time as you need. This allows us to roam the ceremony site, look for beautiful light, and capture some gorgeous wedding photos. We are not rushed, so it is a relaxed, enjoyable time, which means less stress for you and your new spouse. More time means more photos. Also, it is such a special moment that some of our client's favorite wedding photos have even happened during their wedding.

Time and time again clients are pleased with the results of a first look. No couple is required to do a wedding reveal by any means. Your wedding day is YOUR day and we will capture all of your precious moments no matter what you choose. We understand that some couples feel strongly about not seeing each other before the ceremony, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, various couples are not even aware of the best reasons to do a first look on their wedding day. We want you to live in the moment and not just relive it through the photos. We want you to enjoy the presence of your guests. A first look gives you the flexibility to get all your posed pictures totally out of the way so you can engage with the people you love.

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