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5 Unique NYC Engagement Locations

Naturally, when people "hear engagement photo session in New York City", they automatically think of Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Bow Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge; either on the bridge or having it in the background.  All three locations are excellent choices, however, they have had their picture taken numerous times.  There are other astounding spots in New York City that can give your engagement photos that "New York" feel you are looking for and also rare from other couples' engagement photographs.  Today, Grand Lens Photography shares with you 5 different locations for amazing engagement photos in New York City.

1) Astor Place

Located in the lower part of Manhattan, Astor Place is remarkably varied and extremely colorful.   There are several different small locations in the area. You can be sure that you will not find photos similar to someone else's photos considering couples do not regularly hold engagement sessions in this particular location.

2) Riverside Park (UWS)

Riverside Park, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is beautiful and a much less crowded park, which means there is no need to worry about strangers being in the background of your engagement photographs.  Also, there is a giant ring statue along the water.  This piece of art makes for a wonderfully romantic location for the perfect proposal or engagement session.

3) Ladies Pavilion

The Ladies Pavilion is regularly a small place for engaged couples to have an intimate wedding ceremony. Central park offers plenty of beautiful locations for photography.  However, because of its size, The Ladies' Pavilion is frequently overlooked by couples and especially other photographers. This beautiful secluded spot is located near W 75th St, next to The Lake.

4) The largest globe in the world

The Unisphere is a giant steel globe that sits beautifully in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, NY.   It is hugely known and visible to drivers on several Queens highways such as the Long Island Expressway, the Grand Central, and the Van Wyck.  The Unisphere is the best symbol of the borough and one of the largest globes ever made.

5) Coney Island

Although this location has thought of plenty of time before, it still deserves a mention.  For the game-loving, fun-having couples in the world, Coney Island is a beach and entertainment destination located in the southwest part of Brooklyn, NY.  It is fairly known for the site of the amusement park "Luna Park".   Spend a few lovely afternoon hours playing games and riding the Ferris Wheel so the photographer catches the fun and exciting side of you and your significant other.  Before the sun sets, you can stroll down the beach and capture photos of your romantic side.

New York City is filled with gorgeous places to capture engagement photos. It is just the matter of which place best fits your personal style.

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