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5 Flattering Ways To Pose

Very few people appreciate having their photo captured at weddings, but whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, chances are you will find yourself in front of the camera. Grand Lens Photography shares a few tips to ensure is it not necessary to un-tag yourself when those photographs appear on social media.

1) Practice posing as a celebrity

Hollywood can explain plenty about appearing 10 pounds lighter in front of a camera. Sure, it is a celebrity's responsibility to look superb at all times, but know your angles and work them to your advantage when the photographer's flash goes off. Without feeling silly, try this flattering pose in front of a mirror: 1 Stand with your hips rotated 45 degrees away from the camera. 2 Put your weight on your back foot. 3 Elongate your other leg and cross it in front, with the foot pointed toward the camera. Bend the knee a bit so you do not look stiff. 4 Place a hand on your hip and do not forget to smile.

Striking Poses

2) Relax your face

Grinning through every wedding picture can be torture, especially if those fabulous shoes the bride made you wear are forming blisters on your feet. If you begin to feel your brow wrinkle, your eyes squint or smile stiffen, feel free to push the reset button. Close your eyes, let your lips fall back into place and relax your face. Do not hesitate to ask the photographer to count out loud while your eyes are closed. On three, open them and turn on that winning smile. Tyra Banks from America's Next Top Model suggests smiling with your eyes. The serious, less smiley poses are trendy, primarily for bridal party photos. Not grinning does not imply you want to look upset either. This will help avoid having a limp face or appearing as if you absolutely do not want to be there.

3) Avoid the double chin

Having a double chin does not mean you are overweight. This also does not mean you are old. Yes, double chins seem to manifest themselves over time and it is also true that people who are very much overweight usually develop double chins. However, there is no set rule stating that if you gain weight you will have a double chin or if you lose weight you will lose the double chin. Double chins can plague even the slimmest of women in photographs. Avoid it by elongating your neck by moving your head forward slightly and lift up your chin. You could also try touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth. Just be sure not to tense up too much.

Moments after the proposal

4) Do not underestimate the beauty of laughing

One of the greatest feelings in the world is the deep-rooted stomach laugh. It brings people together and establishes spectacular connections. From a slight giggle to a side-splitting horselaugh can change the vibe of a room from chilly and unfamiliar to a warm family-friendly ambience. Fake smiles are not flattering, but the same cannot be assumed for fake laughs. Next time you need to loosen up for a photo, let out a forced laugh and laugh that same way repeatedly. The ridiculousness of it will have you and your party laughing for real and THAT photo will be a keeper.

5) Stand up straight

When you are feeling self-conscious, you may be inclined to shrink into yourself, but slouching will not change how you feel. Try straightening your back to improve your posture. Imagine how a ballerina stands or a pianist sits at a recital. Pull your shoulders back, chest forward, and pull the belly button in toward the spine. When your posture improves, you will look thinner. Remember, you can still be relaxed while maintaining a healthy posture. Do not forget to breathe deeply and let the tension out of your neck, shoulders, and jaw.

Personality and a smile will forever make a picture appear as if it has some life to it.  This should go without saying, but if you suspect that you will be in several photos over the course of the wedding day, proceed with caution among the cocktails. The last thing you want is to look as intoxicated as you feel. With this advice in mind, you will have an unlimited variety of photo options to choose from as your new profile picture.

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