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5 Beautiful Locations In Central Park

Some New Yorkers flee to the Hamptons during the summer and others go to Central Park.  Spanning more than four square miles of prime Manhattan real estate, Central Park is a sweet escape from city living.  From the romantic paddle boat rides on The Lake to the furry friends at The Zoo, Central Park offers the perfect surroundings for incredible photography.  Grand Lens Photography shares with you today a list of beautiful areas in Central Park, NY for beautiful engagement photos.

1) The Cherry Blossom Trees

Celebrate your upcoming marriage with a romantic photo shoot beneath a canopy of pink blossoms.  During mid-April to late May, two species of cherry trees (the Kwanzan Cherry and Yoshino Cherry) are both in bloom, perfectly blending together, completing the park's stunningly aesthetic scenery during the spring season.   Before the leaves appear on the magnificent trees, pale pink flowers sprout in clusters of five or six.  The origin of the Yoshino Cherry, which produces a hybrid cherry, is not specific.  However, it is stated that the first collection of trees was brought into the U.S. from Japan as a present in 1912.  These 30-foot trees are believed to be the ones along the east side of the reservoir.

2) The Loeb Boathouse

Although you are not hosting a boathouse theme wedding, you can still have an engagement in front of the 150-year-old icon of romance and elegance. Visitors can rent rowboats or dine overlooking views of The Lake.  Boating on The Lake is a beloved pastime from the Park's earliest days.  With its charming Victorian architecture, the building also featured a second-story terrace that produced stunning views of the Ramble.  By 1950, the boathouse fell into disrepair and was soon torn down.  The Loeb Boathouse that people visit today opened at the Lake's northeastern tip in 1954.  Inside are a formal dining room and a cafeteria that has a welcoming fireplace to keep cozy and warm during the winter.  Also, the Boathouse serves as the unofficial quarters for birdwatchers who can record their sightings in a notebook that is stored inside the Boathouse.

3) Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden is Central Park's only formal garden sitting on six acres in the park.  The Conservatory carries you and your fiancé to majestic grounds divided into three smaller gardens, each with a distinguished style: English, Italian, and French.  The Garden's main entrance is through the Vanderbilt Gate, on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Street.  This luxurious iron gate was made in Paris in 1894 and originally stood before the Vanderbilt mansion on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.  Comprising the garden is a large lawn surrounded by yew hedges and is bordered by two radiant allées of spring-blooming pink and white crabapple trees.  A jet fountain, sitting high at 12-feet, sits on the western end of the lawn lined by tiered hedges and stairs that lead up to a wisteria pergola.  Under the pergola, there are medallions along the walkway engraved with the names of the original 13 states.   The Conservatory Garden is an officially appointed quiet zone and offers a tranquil and colorful setting for an intimate wedding or leisurely stroll.  Volunteers from the Garden Club of America sustained the garden for many years, but in 1983 it was restored by the Central Park Conservancy.

4) The Mall

American Elm trees on both sides of The Mall produce a cathedral-like canopy over one of the park's most photographed and romantic features.  With a walkway heading towards the grand Bethesda Terrace, the Central Park Mall runs through the middle of Central Park from 66th to 72nd Street.  The Mall was once referred to as an "open air hall of reception" by its creators and was particularly designed to accommodate the width of horse carriages passing through. Around the turn of the century, these carriages would drop off their wealthy occupants at The Mall's starting point, where they could enjoy the natural landscapes and socialize with people of a secondary status.  When these visitors ultimately reached Bethesda Terrace, their carriages would be waiting to escort them to their following destination.

5) Bow Bridge

With its impressive cast-iron details and picturesque views of Manhattan's skyline, Bow Bridge is an imperative element of your Central Park voyage. Like a Victorian confection reflected in the waters of Central Park's Lake, the Bow Bridge gracefully unites lovers of New York in real life.  The Bridge has been a majestic setting in films such as Manhattan, The Way We Were and Keeping the Faith.  The bridge also provides the perfect perch to watch the slowly moving rowboats as they glide across the lake, or to photograph the skyline over Fifth Ave.  It is one of the most popular and best-known spots to meet and has entertained infinite romantic moments, both on and off movie screens.   Bow Bridge is located mid-Park at 74th St., west of Bethesda Terrace connecting Cherry Hill and the Ramble.

If you are looking for a fairy tale moment to propose in New York, it's hard to surmount Central Park as the perfect vicinity.  Many of the Park's charming areas are just perfect for romance and they provide an excellent place to walk down the aisle (or down the grass).

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