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3 Wedding Photography Tips For Shy Couples

Even the boldest brides and grooms become reasonably uncomfortable with the endless picture taking on their wedding day, no matter if it is the photographer snapping the photos or the wedding guests taking photos.   It truly appears relentless at times, and if you and/or your partner are not outgoing and are bashful about appearing on camera, uncomfortable can be an extreme understatement as it becomes overwhelming.  The dilemma is, aside from you trying to enjoy a deeply meaningful day of your life, you also do not want to appear uncomfortable or awkward in your wedding photos.  Grand Lens Photography collected a few tips for all the brides and grooms on the modest side.


1) Do not overthink it

Try to relax.  We understand that this is easier than it seems, but you are better off trying to relax than trying to force emotions into the moments that our photographer captures.  The main issue with shy couples in regards to wedding photography is getting them to stop thinking about how they look. Fabricating happiness for the camera will only add extra pressure and make the entire situation more challenging.   One way to make things simpler is to schedule a pre-event photo session with your photographer so that you and/or your partner can be comfortable in front of the camera.

2) Focus on your partner

Whether you are the shy one in the relationship or both you and your spouse-to-be are not quite comfortable with a camera facing you the entire wedding day, one way to offset those feelings is to focus on each other.  We can tell you from experience that when someone’s shyness starts to affect the photos, having the couple look into each other’s eyes or gently kiss is often an excellent the solution. Y ou can also get into some intimate poses with your partner by either wrapping your arms around them or vice versa.  Try not to be afraid to become lost in the moment.  When your focus is on your partner instead of the photographer, the moment will result in a genuine romantic or funny moment and you will not need to force any emotions.

3) Factor your shyness in your style

Although there are quite a few different factors to consider regarding choosing the photographic style for your wedding, you may need to lean a certain way to help offset your shyness.  The documentary or photojournalistic style is all about capturing candid photographs.  The intention is to capture authentic and spontaneous moments, which often happen to be quite compelling in any wedding album.  Additionally, wedding photographers who implement the photojournalist approach to their photography manage to remain in the background.  They do not typically spend nearly as much time right in the middle of the event.  As long as you did your research and took the time to locate the right photography company to capture the tale of your wedding day, you will be able to obtain some relief in the fact that you can trust them.  You do not need a solution all of the time, but to remember that you are not the only one who is shy.  Make no mistake, no matter how shy you and/or your partner is, chances are your photographer has photographed couple who are shyer than you.  Couples, even the extroverted types, tend to begin their wedding day a little uncomfortable before starting to feel more at ease with the photography process, yet they still receive impressive wedding photos.  Trust that your wedding photographer knows how to get couples to relax and to appear natural on camera.

For people on the shy side, taking endless pictures on your wedding day can be a real challenge.  As you can see, there are ways to ease the tension and we sincerely hope this advice helps.  However, if you do not hire an appropriate photographer for your wedding from the beginning of your wedding planning process, it will be more troublesome to relax around them. So, make sure you use your time wisely during the hiring process.  Ask the right questions and request the right information.

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