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3 Wedding Photographer Expenses

Not sure why your wedding photographer is so "expensive"?  Not sure what you should be paying for a wedding photographer in your area?  Do you want to be able to afford a wedding photographer AND put your baby through fashion school someday?  It is possible, you just need to be informed! Grand Lens Photography is here to help!  Here are Grand Lens Photography's three best explanations for your "expensive" wedding photographer quote.

1) Equipment

Professional wedding photographers (actual professionals, not Craigslist variety "professionals") invest in extremely expensive professional photography gear.  Professional wedding photographers will have the most up-to-date gear to ensure your wedding photos are up to the industry standard. Check out this camera.  That one piece of equipment is $4600 USED!!!!  That is before the purchase of professional lenses that also reach prices of $1000+ each.  Then add in the cost of flashes, memory card, batteries, tripod, monopod, flash diffuser, lens cleaning equipment, equipment bag, and the list goes on. Now take the total cost of all that equipment and DOUBLE it!  That's right, DOUBLE it.  For every piece of equipment your wedding photographer uses, they have to have a backup of equal quality.  Professional wedding photographers ALWAYS have backup equipment, just in case they are halfway through your wedding and a piece of equipment fails.  Refer to this list for an idea of the equipment your wedding photographer needs and a description of why they need it.

2) Insurance

Professional wedding photographers are ALWAYS insured.  This protects both you and them. After all, the idea is that you will never have this experience again.  A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, but life happens.  Read these wedding photographer horror stories for an idea of what can go wrong.  Quality insurance is not a cheap expense.  Professional wedding photographers know life happens and it is not a question of "if" but of "when" something goes wrong.

3) Time

This is a major expense for the professional wedding photographer.  This goes double for professional wedding photographers that own their own company!  Whereas you only see them working for the 6-8 hours during your wedding, they EASILY TRIPLE that amount of time when you add in traveling time to reach the location, setup, emailing back and forth for inquiries, negotiations, transferring photos to their computer, backing up the photos, post-processing, and editing, setting up a private online viewing gallery, preparing print purchases, and so on.  Depending on the number of wedding photos, the post-processing alone can take an entire 8-hour day! Check out this blog to gain some type of idea of what goes into each photo. The independent business owner also has to factor in time spent on client relationship development, day-to-day business operations, phone calls, marketing, office hours, etc.  Do not even get me started on TAXES! As the saying goes, "time is money".  

All-in-all, professional wedding photographers are expensive for the average couple.  Always do your due diligence and educate yourself regarding the wedding photography industry.  Never forget that you usually get what you pay for.  Professional wedding photographers incur professional wedding photography expenses, and therefore, charge a higher rate.

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