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3 Ways To Preserve Wedding Photos

There is a chance that boxes of 35mm slides, negatives, and photo prints are collecting dust in the back of your or your parents' closet.  The idea of converting them to a digital format sounds astounding, however, feeding one slide after another through a photo scanner seems like a painfully dull plan to spend every weekend for several months.  There are less wearisome ways to preserve and convert older photographs and carry them into the digital age.  This article shares Grand Lens Photography's 3 effective ways on preserving old photos rather than allow them to continue to deteriorate.

1) Handle with care

Saving photographic negatives is crucial for older photos to last for an extended time.  Although countless people believe storing negatives are a nuisance, they are the originals and keeping them permits printing the photos again if the previous prints are lost or destroyed.  Negatives can last for decades if handled well or not at all. Store them in a safe place, preferably the container they originally came in.

2) Digitize the photographs

Purchasing a digital camera does not indicate your older prints, slides, or negatives are obsolete. Simply convert them using a photo scanner.  The scanner magnifies dust during use, so ensure that the glass of the flatbed is clean or use an air compressor to blow the dust particles away.  Before loading it, wash your hands to minimize fingerprints and be cautious not to touch the image. Remove photos out of their albums before scanning; it is difficult to properly scan an image if the photo is not completely flat.

3) Photo Converter

There is an abundance of companies that provide photo converting services.  The least expensive way to convert photos into a digital format is to acquire a digital photo converter and convert the photos on your own.  Based on general ratings, the Wolverine 20 MP 7-1 Film to Digital Converter is an excellent piece of equipment compared to other converters.  It is simple to use and it does not require access to a desktop computer or laptop.

Although people love their digital cameras and are addicted to smartphones with built-in cameras, negatives and slides hold a mass quantity of information in a single frame.  Digitizing a photo collection merges the past with the present, ensuring these wonderful memories are safely kept.

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