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3 Ways To Credit A Wedding Photographer

The internet has grown into a place for content sharing and collaboration.  It is always wonderful to observe the different mediums an artist's work becomes published in from traditional print media to online social media.   However, the internet makes content easily accessible and simple to "borrow", especially images.   Giving a photo credit is unquestionably imperative when using photos for personal use.  This article shares Grand Lens Photography's 3 alternatives on how to properly credit a photographer.


1) Giving credit in print media

It is important for photographers to get their names out into the world, but the technology for clickable hyperlinks within a piece of paper has not yet developed.  In traditional print media, it is a high demand for a client to include the name and the URL of the photographer who took the image(s) they intend to use.  The client gives proper credit to the specific photographer or photography company by doing so.  The following photo is an example of how to properly credit an artist in print media.

2) Giving credit on Facebook

Try not underestimate the value of social media in this increasingly connected world.  For various organizations, social media can determine the difference between accomplishment and obscurity.  Photographers attempt to make every effort to promote their art by posting on their social media pages.  Although it is normally not a requirement, photographers hope that a client will promote the photographer's work by crediting them on the post, as well as give a shout out.  When a client creates an album of a photographer's photos, it is essential to provide credit to the photographer and include their website link under each photograph.  Facebook grants the option to present a description for each of the photos included in the photo album.  The following photograph is an example of how it should display on Facebook.  An easy technique is to copy and paste the description from the first photo to the following photo.   This entire process takes under a minute and it is extremely beneficial to the photographer.


Erin Bhoorasingh (Grand Lens Photography)

3) Giving credit on websites and blogs

For the bloggers writing about photography, it is greatly appreciated if credit to the photographer who took the photo is listed, including the hyperlink to the photographer's website.  Inserting a hyperlink is reasonably simple and can be completed in seconds within most websites and blog programs (e.g. WordPress).  When done properly, the viewer should be able to click on the link and proceed directly to the website which certainly improves spreading the word regarding the photographer or photography company and allows potential clients to instantly contact them.  The suitable photo credit to use for blogs and websites is displayed below.

Follow these procedures when choosing to share an image found online.  Specify where the original photograph came from and label the original source.  For more in-depth information about providing credit properly, click here.  This web link includes specific information on crediting sources for all types of content.

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