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3 Tips For A Wedding Photography Quote

So you've contacted a wedding photographer and they have provided you a quote for your wedding that is within your budget.  Congratulations!  You should accept it right away, right?  WRONG!  You probably could have negotiated a better quote if you had read this article earlier.  Most people don't understand what a price quote really is on it's most basic level.  At the end of the day, this quote represents the amount of money the photographer is willing to exchange his/her life for.  However, this quote represents more than the amount you will have to pay for the photographer's time.  Keeping this in mind, how can you (as the client) deflate the value of the quote so that it more accurately represents the value of the photographer's time?  Below Grand Lens Photography shares 3 things that cause a photographer to inflate the value of their time.

1) Lack of information

Photographers HATE a lack of information.  More often than not, it is extremely difficult for photographers to garner the proper level of information when they are building their quote.  This is usually because clients provide the bare minimum amount of information when requesting a quote.  Circumstances other than the amount of time a photographer will be at the event matter greatly.  For example, if your wedding will be held throughout multiple rooms a photographer will almost certainly need an assistant and your quote will reflect this added expenditure.  On the other hand, if your wedding will be in a single room there may not be a need for the assistant.  If the photographer does not have this information prior to issuing the quote, you can bet that the quote you receive reflects the worst case scenario (i.e. the additional expense for the assistant's salary, insurance, etc.).

The Newlyweds put on a show

2) Be realistic when giving the hours you will need coverage

Many people overestimate the amount of time they need a photographer to be at the wedding.  This is particularly prevalent for corporate clients, however, it applies universally.  Do you really need the photographer for all 3 hours of the after conference cocktail reception?  How many different angles do you really need of the same people drinking cocktails?  An hour or two of unneeded coverage can become quite costly.  Although it is always better to overestimate than underestimate the amount of time you will need the photographer on-site, this is the fastest way to slash unnecessary expenses from your quote.

A romantic moment on the dance floor

3) Be honest about when you need the finished photos

If you have elected editing/retouching/enhancements, don't request that the photos be finished by the next business day.  If you need a few preliminary photos for thank you cards, social media, etc. following the wedding, then ask for that. The chances that you need ALL of the photos finished within 72 hours are rare.  There is little doubt that the photographer will oblige your request; but in order to do so, they will have to push off other work.  Pushing off work comes at a premium and will be reflected in your quote.  For the best quote, request the preliminary photos that you need (be specific about what these photos need to look like) and allow 2-6 weeks for the remainder of the photos to be delivered.

In summary, provide your photographer with as much information upfront as you possibly can, set clear expectations of both parties from the onset, and always be honest with both your photographer and yourself.  Follow these tips and you'll be slashing into those over-inflated photography quotes in no time.

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