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3 Tips For Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Photos of the bridal party getting ready is undoubtedly the utmost genuine and memorable moments of a couple's wedding day.   The bride and groom have not seen each other yet and everyone is full of excitement.  Once the bride and groom begin to dress, it the photographer's responsibility to perform in any situation they step into.  However, with proper communication and planning, the photographer can prepare to capture all the details that will enhance the photos rather than distract.  This article shares Grand Lens Photography's 3 tips for creating astounding getting ready photos.

1) Create an itinerary

The bride should always be the first to become ready since she is an essential component of the main event and the photographer needs adequate time to capture her photos.  The entire bridal party should know the location of where they need to be, as well as what time they need to be completely dressed and prepared for the ceremony.  Brides prefer to have sufficient time to get ready rather than stress out about rushing through the getting ready process, so set aside plenty of time.  Provide the photographer with a timeline so that they know where they need to be to capture those amazing wedding details.  Also, do not forget about the groom.  Weddings can be expensive, however, it is better when the bride and the groom get dressed in the same location.  This enables the photographers to operate together.   The less stress there is for everyone, the greater the photos will be and the smoother the day proceeds.

2) No crowding

Various things happen while getting ready for a wedding.  The bride, her mom, the bridesmaids, the hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer are all together in one room with hardly any personal space.   Instead of transforming the room into a crowded mess, consider designating a corner of the room for items such as clothes, shoes, gifts, toiletries, etc.  The best photos of the bride putting on her dress, are the ones that do not have clutter in the background.  A clean space captures timeless photos of the bride and her favorite women without distracting factors.

3) Excellent natural light

Find a room with large windows that allows an abundance of natural light.  A well-lit room not only permits the photographer to capture amazing photos, but it also improves the skills of the hair and makeup artists.  Additionally, white or lightly painted walls can reflect the light that shines through. Professional photographers should always prepare to use the camera flash if absolutely necessary, however, natural lighting is ordinarily preferred. One major difference between natural lighting and artificial lighting depends on the size of the room.  The light from the camera flash may appear harsh in photographs if the room does not share enough space for the photographer to shift around.

An engaged couple spends all year planning for their grand day.  Vendors, centerpieces, bouquets and other beautiful wedding decorations have been hand picked.  Extended family members from out-of-town are attending the wonderful celebration.  Trust that being surrounded by loved ones and listening to charming toasts about the blissful couple will make it all worth it in the end, so unwind and relish the day.

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