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3 Tips For Winter Wedding Photos

Winter is coming and while an icy photo session is not everyone's idea of a pleasant pre-wedding activity, we are willing to wager that a large number of brides love a great snowfall.  They say when it snows on your wedding day, it is a good luck sign of fertility and prosperity.  With the fresh snowfall, it is certainly a beautiful way to start your marriage.  Grand Lens Photography presents 3 tips for gorgeous winter wedding photos.

1) Dress warm

Images of a bride and groom keeping warm and cozy together is quite a romantic sight.  When photographing in the snow, ensure that posing outdoors is part of your picture plan and dress warm.  Bring a pair of winter boots and a pair of thick comfortable socks to wear during the photo session.  The dress may cover the boots or you may choose to emphasize them for charming photographs.  Also, consider bridal jackets or wraps; fur wraps are simply darling for winter weddings.  Photos turn out incredible when the client is comfortable; preparation for the weather is essential.

2) Winter light

Keep in mind that outside lighting is different during the winter than it is during the summer so if you are interested in taking photos outside, you need to time it properly.  After daylight savings, the sun begins to set earlier and will be dark around 4 pm in the Northeast.  Depending on the start time of the ceremony, you may decide to incorporate a "first look" beforehand and include others for formal pictures.  Find out what time the sun sets on your wedding day.  For best the photographs, hire a photographer who can take well-lit photos indoors and outdoors, in case the weather is not suitable for outdoor photography.

3) Color Scheme

When people hear "winter wedding", they typically envision the color white.  White tends to blend in with the snow, so incorporate pops of color for vivid winter wedding photographs.  Draw inspiration from the colors of the venue or trending winter colors.  Colors are typically included in the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaids' dresses, or the groomsmen socks.  Despite the fact that nature can appear dreary and dead, winter weddings can be stunning.  Areas that receive snow provide their own beauty of sorts, but complimentary winter wedding colors can create all the difference in enhancing your photographs beautifully.

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