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3 Tips For Engagement Photos

Couples commonly take engagement photos to share the wonderful news with family and friends.  Whether the reason is to practice taking photos with a professional photographer before the wedding day or creating "save-the-date" engagement announcements, there is a deep meaningful purpose of having engagement photos taken.  The couple and their close family members may adore viewing the photographs twenty years afterward.  An engagement is a memorable chapter in a couple’s life next to the grand wedding day, the birth of their children, etc.  Reliving glorious memories through photos brings happiness to countless people.   Not only are couples able to enjoy these photos, but future familial generations are able to identify who they came from.  This article shares Grand Lens Photography’s top three tips for displaying personality in engagement photos.

1) Choosing A Theme

A theme is a considerable way to add style to engagement photos. Choosing a theme for the photo session is simple.  As a newly betrothed couple, the couple should already know what interests each other.  When deciding on a theme, be certain it suits both personalities.  Theme inspiration for engagement pictures may come from the holidays, the couple's favorite sports team, movies, plays, paintings, etc.  The utmost imperative element in having pictures taken is for the couple to be themselves.  Behaving in a silly manner is an exceptional method for showing their humorous characteristics through the photos.

2) Add-ons

Add-ons can bring life to a photo session, however, the trick is to not over-do it.  Large quantities of additional embellishments can be distracting and they eliminate the central idea the photos intend to portray.  Some couples prefer to have props in their photos while others prefer to not include extra items.   A few concepts for props are the wedding date printed on balloons, a bouquet of flowers, or a pet.  The couples that do like props favor the idea of having a pet (or child) announce the engagement in the photographs.

A young couple sees their future in each other's eyes

3) Special Location

Every couple has a particular location that is significant to them (e.g.- first kiss, first date, proposal spot, etc.).  Consider requesting a photo session at a location that reminds you of a moment regarding their relationship.  That specialized location will add a sentiment to the photographs and lead to interesting stories when people ask why they chose that scene for the photo session.  Not every couple shares a specific place in their hearts.  Couples seldom choose to photograph themselves performing an activity such as horseback riding, attending a carnival, or walking alongside a beach shore.

Engagement photos exhibit the beginning of a couple's romantic story.  While the photographer the couple hired will capture nicely posed photographs, a request for candid photos expands variety to the photo collection.   Try not over analyze the photo session and just have fun.  Whether the photographer instructs the couple with every detail or they do it on their own, these tips should guide the couple in producing unique engagement photos.

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