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3 Tips For A Wedding Photo Booth

There is no doubt your wedding day is one of the most pivotal days in your life.  It would be a waste of an opportunity not to capture photographs of all your family members and close friends as they commemorate such a wonderful occasion with you.  Aside from a professional photographer, a photo booth provides the ideal means by which to obtain such photos.  The relaxed, casual charm of a photo booth indicates receiving plenty of snaps of wedding guests enjoying and being themselves.  Grand Lens Photography shares a few insights on how to select the best photo booth for your wedding.

1) Open air vs Closed air

The traditional closed air photo booth is a petite box where guests step inside to take their pictures.  This style booth is typically found in shopping malls, but they still maintain a stable presence at weddings.  Closed air booths are self-contained and look considerably entertaining sitting at the side of the room.  Unfortunately, that is where the positives conclude. Closed photo booths are bulky and difficult to transport, meaning accessibility is an immense consideration and many wedding venues do not allow these types of booths.  This can be quite limiting and affect whether or not a closed photo booth is appropriate for your wedding. 

Open air photo booths can collapse and transport in lifts, up stairs, and through narrow openings.  An open air photo booth can set up almost anywhere there is enough space and the increased mobility opens up a wealth of positioning options.  Find out how much space the booth needs to operate and ensure the venue has enough additional space for wedding guests to comfortably utilize the booth.  Various booths require an area of at least 5x7 feet and it is imperative to select a location in the venue where the photo booth will not become a nuisance of being in the way of other wedding activities.  Generally, numerous venues have a spot in the reception room off to the side where the backdrop can hang against a wall and so the setup will not interfere with your evening.

2) Quality is priority

Props are a tremendous component of why photo booths are excellent entertainment.  Hire a company that offers a variety of high-quality photo booth props for wedding guests to use.  People enjoy the ability to dress up, slip on a mask, and make silly gestures.  The appropriate props allow your guests feel comfortable in doing so and allow them to let loose.

The attraction of the open air photo booth is that there is a substance of backdrop options. Numerous quality open air booth companies will have a range of quality backdrops so you can select one which suits the ambience of your wedding. Generally, the options tend to be a tad restricted with closed photo booths and it is unusual to see DIY backdrops which are today's trend.

Traditional closed photo booths tend to have poor picture quality. They utilize a webcam to capture the images and the lighting is often less than flattering. Open air photo booths, on the other hand, are commonly based around a professional DSLR camera and a professional studio flash. Image quality often far exceeds that which can be obtained from a traditional photo booth. Also, the look is more kindred to a photograph shot by a professional. If picture quality is important for your wedding, we recommend choosing an open air photo booth.

3) Group photos

Closed photo booths are considerably petite inside.  Open photo booths offer a much broader backdrop and because guests are not required to step into a physical box, more than a few people can fit in the photo.  7-10 guests can fit in a photo as opposed to the handful that can squeeze into a traditional closed booth.  A vital part of a successful photo booth at your wedding is to encourage guests to visit the booth and take their picture.  An excellent way of doing this is to request the MC to announce over the duration of the evening asking everyone to make their way through the booth at some point.  This means you will get great photos of all your guests and they will have a wonderful time in the process.  Remember to head over to the photo booth with your new spouse.  Guests will want a fun photo with you and will scramble over to the booth to get one.

There you have it.  We firmly believe a professional photo booth can add a whimsical vibe to your wedding, feature as a form of entertainment, and capture magnificent images in the process.  These tips will help you on the road to selecting the right photo booth for your wedding.  Here at Grand Lens Photography, we offer photo booth rentals that upload your photos straight to your social media account.  If you decide a professional photo booth is suitable for your wedding, feel free to contact us for a free price quote!

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