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3 Reasons Photo Prints Are Great

Photography has seen numerous changes and those changes will proceed.  With the advent of digital, there have been numerous types of memory cards and file formats; which have fallen by the wayside.  Image recording and storage media have run the scale from floppy disks to hard drives, CD's, USB drives, and the "cloud".  Now, floppy disks make fantastic beverage coasters, hard drives and flash drives fail, clouds evaporate, literally and figuratively.  Also, large quantities of today's computers do not have a CD/DVD drive anymore.  In a previous article of ours, we shared ways on how to preserve photos digitally.  This article shares the importance of printing your unforgettable memories.  People in today's world prefer a digital file of a photo so they can share it with family and friends by email, on social media, etc.  But how long will it continue?

Once a photo is uploaded to a website, it is compressed into a low-resolution file.  This action cannot be reversed, and this means a large, high-quality print can never be made from an image taken from a website.  Clients can produce prints of their images at local convenience stores, but those facilities do not offer the same quality as going through a photo lab.  Photos from professional labs are designed not to fade, they are treated for color, and composition and light are printed on high-quality, premium paper.  As your photographer, it is our job to ensure that our clients gain the utmost out of their purchases and offering prints are the best way to do so.  As seen in the picture above, we have other merchandise such as mugs, refrigerator magnets, canvases, frames, etc. available for purchase.  We strongly believe that we are doing the client a disservice if we only give them the digital files of their photos and here is why:

1) Photos come to life

Photo prints have a presence.  A framed photo in your home never fails to draw the eye every single time.   If you opt for a metallic paper surface or one of our modern print options like MetalPrints, the photo is guaranteed to stop every guest in their tracks.

2) Not every person is online

Social media may allow photo sharing with friends, but we are willing to trust that 100% of your social group is not on the web.  For all the people you care for who are not online, prints are the medium of choice whether this includes your mom, grandparents, or a pen pal from 3rd grade abstaining from the internet.  We are certain they will be thrilled to receive a print, album or even a photo book in the mail and rave about your amazing photos.

3) Your photos exist after your electronics shut down

It is certainly easier to click and drag files from folder to folder on your hard drive, but real photos are a joy to reveal.  While not completely immune to discoloration, fire or fading, various threads of history have been woven into a larger tale because the photos are crisp and bent with handwritten notes scrawled along the back.  

Purchasing prints are slowly being forgotten in our current digital age world.  Prints are still extremely valuable, but it is worrisome that this will not be the case in a few decades when it is too late to recover those precious, once-in-a-lifetime memories.  Preserve your cherished moments with a print or a keepsake.

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