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3 Questions On Wedding Contracts

The the next move after choosing an event photographer is to discuss the details of the contract.   Read over the document carefully making sure the contract includes all of the standard info (event date, start and end time, location address, etc.)   As the client, if you have a question about the contract, you have every right to ask the photographer to elaborate on it.  The following presents Grand Lens Photography's 3 common questions clients ask.

1) Will I have rights to all photos?

Though a photographer receives compensation for their service, the delivered images do not literally belong to the client.  The photographer will not be handing over the copyright to the photographs.   The copyright always belongs to the photographer, however, the client may likely be purchasing the printing rights.  As a client, you are not paying someone to give you images of your event.  A client pays for the service of someone to photograph the event, for their creative abilities, for their professionalism and expertise, and for their style of work.  The client pays for the ability to obtain access to the photos of the event, as well as to print them.

2) What does the total cost cover?

It is of great importance to request an itemized list from the photographer before signing an event contract.  There should be a solid understanding of the deposit amount and its due date, the balance and its due date, overtime fees in case the event continues later than scheduled, and the photographer's cancellation and refund policy.  Clients tend to request the photographer to capture precise photos, some of which may convert into a lengthy agenda.  The contract should mention this specific list before the client approves it.  Knowing the specifications of what you are paying for is essential to hiring a professional.

3) Why can't my friend photograph the event for their portfolio?

Photography companies regularly state in their contract that a representative from their company will be the sole photographer to document the event. Oftentimes a client may have a family friend that has taken an interest in event photography and wants to capture their own photos during the event. Today's technology allows an abundance of guests to take their own photographs using their iPads and camera phones, which tends to be an issue on its owns.   Pass the photographer's contact information to the friend so they can arrange a meeting to discuss photography related business, therefore, the family friend photographer will not cause a distraction during the event.  The more cameras there are, the more the client will have less of a connection to the professional photographer and no one hires a professional to capture photos of one or more persons looking at other cameras.

Although a contract is certain to address various topics regarding the event, the above questions are few that clients typically ask or need further explanation.  Once you cover all the imperative bases and the information in the contract is correct, sign your name on the blank line.   Print a copy of the document for your personal files, this way you can simply consult the contract as your event date approaches.

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