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3 Questions For Your Destination Wedding Photographer

Attaining a suitable photographer is much smoother these days, whether by searching the internet, asking friends and family for personal recommendations or looking through magazines for advertisements that catch your attention. Any savvy, reputable photographer has a website showcasing his or her photographic style and these galleries are an amazing place to narrow your search to those you want to interview. The advantage of hiring a photographer close to home is that you can schedule an in-person consultation to plan your wedding. Additionally, it makes ordering photo albums and prints after the wedding incomparably convenient. By hiring a local photographer, you have the ability to work together on your engagement photos before the wedding, which will allow you to develop a solid “working” relationship that would not be possible with a destination photographer. Grand Lens Photography shares 3 questions you should ask your photographer before committing to them.

Denver with Sam, Pari, Dave, Morgan, Amir and Erin.

1) What are destination wedding photography fees?

Wedding photography fees are typically the same as a domestic wedding. However, for a destination wedding, some photographers tend to their own travel fees while others prefer that the client is responsible for airfare, baggage fees, hotel accommodations (typically for 2 nights depending on the length of the event), and vendor meals during traveling and during the event. Consider asking your photographer for complimentary photos of your rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding brunch in return for covering their travel expenses. This is an excellent opportunity for the photographers to introduce themselves to all the members of your families and guests before the wedding itself. It is an exceptional advantage for the wedding guests to be familiar and feel comfortable around the photographer. With that mentioned, hire your ideal photographer. You will have greater control over the quality and style of how these lifelong memories are captured, as opposed to relying on a pre-designed package to reach that decision for you. Whether through phone conversations or meetings in person, ensure there is adequate chemistry with the photographer you hire.

2) Who books the flights?

People who travel often can use their travel miles/rewards and book those flights on their own. Ensure to provide flight information with your photographer ahead of time so that they may approve the details (flight times, transfers, layovers, etc.). Depending on your wedding package, timeline, guest count, and program, the photographer would need you to fly out up to 3 people per team (photo and cinema). Additionally, photographers prefer to depart for the destination a day in advanced to have plenty of time to scout out your wedding venue as well as ensure that they are on time to the location on the day of your wedding. As for the departing flight, have the tickets booked for the day after your last event, preferably at a later time.

3) Wouldn't it be easier to hire a wedding photographer who lives at the destination?

Not necessarily. If photography is crucial to you, confirm your destination venue will allow you to use your own photographer. Typically, hiring photographers from your wedding location is not only more expensive, but riskier in terms of receiving your images. Past clients have decided against hiring foreign photographers for a couple of reasons. It is not only harder to coordinate with them about the details of your wedding day, but also if you were to have any questions about your images, rather than having to deal with a prolonged and inconvenient correspondence, you could simply just come directly to us for assistance. You will never get the images you truly want without knowing your photographer’s style and getting to meet with him or her before the fact. Using the venue's photographer is a huge mistake. They just do not have the care and more importantly the skill to give you anything more than simple snapshots.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, it is laborious to put a price tag on a piece of mind. By making this greater financial investment, you will be able to better control the quality and style of your photographs. You will also be able to choose a person with whom you feel comfortable spending the day or entire weekend. You will know what to expect before the big day unfolds. Destination weddings are exciting and pleasant. You will feel as though you are on the best vacation of your life so just be yourself and enjoy your day; the pictures will reflect the happiness of it.

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